Linked IN To Learn!


  • Date & time: 24 / 05 / 2022 at 10:00
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Address: Via Zoom, Participate via your Computer or Smartphone, Accessible!

60 Minutes for you to Invest in your Linkedin Learning to enable you to make More Profitable Connections, Build a Profitable Network AND “Get Linkedin Working for you and your Business!”

Booking is closed

You may not be aware that I have been training people to use Linkedin successfully for their Business for around 12 years now

Through this extensive experience, I am very aware that a lot of people struggle to "Get Linkedin Working for Them"

So, I am doing something to change this situation and wanted to share an exciting development with you....but first, let's look at the Challenges to be overcome....

I have listed below the FOUR most common Challenges people share with me as to Why they are not active on Linkedin, and Why they cannot seem to get Linkedin working for them....

Do any of these Challenges resonate with you?

Challenge 1:

Knowing HOW the platform, Linkedin works!
Linkedin as a platform has many features and these can overwhelm and confuse us often and this stops us from getting the best from the platform and for our Business....

Challenge 2:

Knowing WHAT to post on Linkedin and alongside that, knowing HOW to Create effective Content for the platform........

Challenge 3:

Knowing HOW to get decent REACH on your posts in order to get you in front of the people who could be your ideal clients....

Challenge 4:

Knowing HOW to find and build the Right Connections on Linkedin in order to build your Business Network on the platform

Every Challenge does have a Solution and below is my contribution to overcoming the FOUR Challenges order to "Get Linkedin Working for You!"

I have created "Linked IN To Learn" an exciting New format where we spend 60 minutes together, via Zoom covering the FOUR challenges above and moving you towards "Getting Linkedin Working for You!"

The 60 Minute format looks like this:

We will look at ONE feature within Linkedin as a platform and I will show you HOW it works so using the platform becomes easier for you

We will look at ONE type of content you can post on Linkedin and I will show you HOW to get the most from this type of content

We will look at ONE of the ways your post REACH is affected on Linkedin and WHAT you need to do to improve your chance of getting more REACH

We will look at HOW to make CONNECTIONS on Linkedin and do this successfully

And of course, you will have the opportunity to Connect with other attendees to BUILD your Linkedin Connections and Build your Linkedin Network

Linked IN To Learn! will run fortnightly and you can see all the bookable future dates HERE

This is an opportunity to take 60 Minutes to work ON your Business, to develop your skills, and unlock the potential of Linkedin for your Business

I hope you will take this opportunity to join me at "Linked IN To Learn!"

Kind Regards


Invest 60 minutes of your time in your learning and development together with a Session Fee of £25.00 and “Get Linkedin Working for you and your Business NOW!”

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