Business Connection EXCHANGE


  • Date & time: 10 / 11 / 2021 at 12:00
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Address: Via Zoom, Participate via your Computer or Smartphone, Accessible!
  • Available places: We are fully booked.

At the Business Connection EXCHANGE we provide the opportunity to get to know other Businesses at a deeper level and more than just a 60 seconds pitch. It is a space to focus on working on your Business and getting input and support to grow your Business and to develop you as a person in order to build your Business! We have a time of sharing an aspect of your services to educate people as to what you deliver, the problems you solve and the ideal clients you want referred to you by those in the room.... There is a time of peer learning and sharing business experience.... Jaz and Alma will be inputting with various aspects of Business Training to give you the skills to grow your Business... Business Challenges are shared in a Masterminding format and everyone in the room participates in supporting you with overcoming that Business Challenge.... Most importantly we build that Know, Like and Trust factor that enables us to support each other's Business and generate, recommendations, leads and referrals to help with our Business Growth! Business Connection is so much more than just is a place to Connect, Change and Grow, You and Your Business! So if you are looking for a monthly cost-effective way to get Business Support and Input and spend dedicated time working ON your Business instead of in it, then Business Connection EXCHANGE is the place for you - Book Today!

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