90 Minutes to Build a Strong Network for your Business!

Venue: The Community Enterprise Centre

This Workshop will show you HOW to Build a Strong Network that Produces constant Leads, Referrals and Clients for your Business using practical strategies and techniques!

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Your Network is your NET-WORTH in Business and life!

Building a Strong Network is imperative for you in Business and in Life!

Each one of us has a Network, we have Data, we have contacts and we need to start with what we have and build from there!

I guarantee that the Contacts you already have, no matter how small a number, are the building blocks for your Strong Network AND that you have Business and Leads sitting waiting for you in your Network as it stands!

Are you leaving Money and Opportunity on the Table?

I will Show you HOW to tap into what you already have, build on this and expand your Network to develop a strong and steady stream of Business for you....sustainable and repeatable1

But HOW do you Build a Strong Network when you are limited in time and resources is the question I get asked the most....

In this workshop, we will look at the following:

1. WHAT a Strong Network looks like

2. WHY you need a Strong Network for your Business

3. WHO should be in your Network - HOW to define them

4. WHERE to find the people for your Network

5. I will show you HOW you already have the building blocks of a Strong Network in your existing data and contacts

6. I will show you How to expand your Network and build a Network to produce Steady Business and Leads using Practical strategies and techniques!

By the end of this Workshop you will be able to:

A) Identify your current Network and HOW to expand this

B) Identify the RIGHT people for your Network

B) Define your Goals for your Network

C) Have a Plan of HOW to Build your Strong Network using simple but effective techniques

D) KNOW  in your Business HOW to spend No More Than 45 Minutes per day Building a Successful Network for your Business!

The workshop will be delivered by myself, Jaz Greer and I have over 25 years of practical and hands-on experience building and growing Networks across all sectors and I am also the Co-Founder of Business Connection

I will input my extensive knowledge, give you the space to discuss and apply the knowledge to your Business and help you to start creating and Building a Strong Network for your Business!

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Samosas For Tea!
  • Venue: The Community Enterprise Centre
  • 22 / 05 / 2024 at 18:30
  • Derby, DE24 9HG
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