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When I start working with my clients they tend to have lot things in common.
They want their business to be successful.
They’re driven, full of ideas, and always busy.
They’re also exhausted.
And a realisation has hit them: they’re not as happy as they thought they would be a this point in their life.
They have thoughts like :
I’m always busy, so why am I not further forward?
I’d love to do something exciting, challenging, optimistic, so why am I always talking myself out of it?
I need to focus but I’m always so shattered!
I’ll be happy once things change and I get my groove back
We’ve been conditioned to believe by working hard you'll be successful - and then we can be happy.
Doesn’t work that way.
It’s the opposite.
Happiness makes you successful.
What I do is have powerful conversations with you to create happiness and success.
Please stop thinking you can't have them both. You absolutely can.
If you’re open minded about getting absolutely clear on where you can be happier right now, and in the future, I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Colin Mobey
Colin Mobey
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